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The key to effective email campaigns is engaging, on-message content that humans love, and spam filters avoid. Whether we are preparing for a product launch or building a re-engagement campaign, our knowledgeable team knows just the note to hit to ensure real humans engage with your emails and convert into customers.

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“If you measure it, you can manage it” – we know the value of data in making strategic decisions, so we set up all our campaigns to measure KPI’s from the get-go. From simple A/B testing, to product launches to full sales pipeline development, our experienced team delivers campaigns that are measured and managed for optimal results.

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At Ox we understand that sales automation is just one part of a wider marketing pipeline – your business strategy, as well as your prospecting and nurturing processes all need to be considered when designing an effective campaign.


As a full-spectrum marketing provider, we have the in-house expertise to ensure that the complete customer journey, as well as your overall marketing strategy, are taken into account to ensure your campaigns generate results.




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Full spectrum digital marketing expertise, geared and priced for the small to medium business. Partnering with you for success, we take pride in our ability to deliver high quality outcomes and personal service at cost effective rates.

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“Convert leads”


“Nurture customers”


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