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Ox story .

Before the time of tractors and agricultural behemoths, an ox was a farmer’s best friend. They were the sturdy, dependable creature that ploughed the fields, and carted the harvest to market for sale. Having a reliable ox was what set apart the farmers who were able to thrive and prosper, from those that struggled to get by.

What an ox was to a farmer looking to thrive, we are to small to medium businesses looking for a marketing agency to succeed with.

Why use Ox?

One stop shop

The Ox team consists of subject matter experts in each of the key areas of digital marketing, allowing us to act as your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. From generating new leads, to nurturing your existing client base, to reporting across platforms and advising you strategically, we have the in-house expertise to deliver.

Personal touch

Nobody likes working with a faceless company, so whether you work with us on part, or all of your digital marketing pipeline, we pair you with a single key account manager as your main point of contact.

Your account manager will also monitor your marketing strategy and ensures your projects are all in alignment – ensuring great outcomes for minimal hassle.

High quality outcomes

Our subject matter experts are considered to be world-class at what they do. We adopt a best-practice mentality with all our projects, and sticking to proven principles that ensure high quality outcomes

Cost effective

We are passionate about providing SME’s with affordable marketing solutions that deliver results. Our ability to act as your full spectrum marketing provider and thereby reduce inter-provider communications, allows us to reduce overall project management costs, and this is directly reflected in our prices.

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